Use an smart utility to retrieve files and folders from the inaccessible window disk

Microsoft window provides two options of hard disk formatting i.e., NTFS and FAT. Using NTFS or FAT file system, one can make several partitions of his/her system drive. All user data like videos, images, pictures, documents, emails and spreadsheets are stored by MS window in NTFS or FAT partitions. Files and folders stored in NTFS or FAT partitions may become damaged due to wrong way of disk formatting, reformatting of computer hard disk and many more.

Window files and folders may also become corrupt due to improper system shutdown and virus intrusion. Hidden files of window program may become corrupt due to sudden or improper system shutdown. Virus and spyware programs can often intrude in your window partitions through internet sites. These programs make some or entire data of window partition inaccessible.

It becomes very important to ascertain the exact cause of window file corruption. If you are unable to view window partition drive due to virus attack, run a third party anti-virus program to clean the system from infections. If your hard disk has developed multiple bad sectors, then it is better to copy the unaffected data in other storage device like pen drive or floppy disk. After that, you should replace your hard disk with new and format it using window NTFS or FAT file system.

Microsoft window has inbuilt backup archive creator tool that allows the user to store all files and folders of a window partition in single BKF file. You can copy data of a window partition in single BKF file using inbuilt backup creator tool. This BKF file can be used to restore the original data in case reformatting or replacement of system hard disk. In case, you don’t have backup file, you may not be able to access the files and folders of corrupt or deleted window partition. To get back all data from the corrupt, damaged or deleted NTFS partition, you must use a proficient third party recovery program.

Window data recovery has powerful search algorithms to perform quick retrieval of files and folders from the inaccessible or deleted window partition. The software supports data recovery from all types of hard disk i.e., IDE, EIDE, SATA, PATA and SCSI. Window data recovery is also capable of retrieving files and folders from portable devices like pen drives, USB drives and floppy disks. It supports data recovery from the deleted window partitions. Window data recovery tool even recovers files of window drive even after deletion of master boot record.

The software performs file recovery using three modes i.e., quick scan, extensive scan and file trace. Quick scan option should be chosen for retrieval of data from partly damaged window partitions. You can choose extensive scan option of the program to retrieve data from severely damaged and permanently deleted window partition. Data recovery with file trace is very slow but this option precisely look in every sector of hard disk to retrieve lost files and folders.

You can use the trial version of Window partition recovery program absolutely free of cost. The freeware program successfully retrieves files and folders from the corrupt or deleted window partitions. You shall be able to see a preview list of all data recovered by the trial software. Buy the full version of the window data recovery tool so that recovered data can be saved in your system. Read more detail