What is Disk formatting and how to recover data from a formatted hard disk

The word “format” is synonymous with data loss for many of us. However, format is also a way to prepare the storage medium that is a disk for reading and writing purpose. When you format a particular disk, the operating system erases all pre-written information, tests the disk and makes sure sectors are reliable and efficient enough to store information. The formatting creates internal address tables that are used for information location.

The hard disk we purchase, already has a low-level format so unless you wish to change the interleave factor you do not need a format again. We, as users perform low-level formats that erase all data on the disk. Formats should be done to prepare the logical drives for use; any other reason for formatting is bound to lose data. We often format our hard disks when we feel there is less space or virus on our systems. Actually, formatting one’s hard disk is the last step anyone could take in order to repair it as if by chance you have not backed up the data, you are prone to lose all!

There are many instances when user may accidentally format the hard disk, losing entire useful information. The reformatting does not erase the data completely; instead, it removes the data on the address table. Even if you do not go to the driver's properties and click Format by selecting the option, there are innumerable ways the hard disk crashes or loses data. 
Here are some situations when user cannot recover their formatted hard disk data. First, if you have formatted the hard drive completely by choosing the complete format. By choosing complete format instead of quick, removes all data stored in the tables completely, making it difficult to be recovered. Second, if you rewrite or install different operating system to the formatted hard drive it gets difficult to recover formatted data. Replacing the old data with new information could make it impossible to recover the lost information.

 When user performs format, data is removed from the table but it stays in the hard disk. However, when you write new data on it the old one is replaced with the new one making it impossible to perform recovery. Suppose, you formatted a 10 GB hard disk and added 5 GB of data to it, you can retrieve only 5GB that is not replaced. 
Third, if you have performed low level or zero level formats you cannot retrieve the data using any manual methods. Most of the times, even if user successfully repairs the hard disk and finds the deleted data, only file name is retrieved instead of whole data. Trying manual recovery is considered very tricky and if you lack anywhere in technical skills, you might not be able to perform comprehensive data recovery from formatted hard drive.
However, trying third party software might help you in performing recovery of data from formatted hard disk in an easy and accurate way. RecoveryFix for Windows Data Recovery Software is an explicit tool that excels in hard disk data recovery. The utility recovers data that has been permanently deleted as well using “Shift Delete” keys. RecoveryFix for Windows Data Recovery software consists of three scanning modes namely, Quick, Extensive and File trace that recover data after reformatting also. The utility displays recovered data for the user to preview and save as required. You can also try this utility before purchasing, by downloading its trial version that helps you analyzing the utility’s proficiency. To get more information : http://www.recoveryfix.com/download-recover-windows-data.html


If you have found any type of disk data corruption error then you should use RecoveryFix tool, recover and repair the file successfully. Recover & Repair utility helps users to repair ms windows partitions and create backup as well.

In our daily life data loss is a major problem. It is also panic for common people and suffers many, also much money loss for this purpose. In market there are so many free software tool that can recover data easily but I suggest always go for trustworthy company for secure your data.

There are some mistaken take place while using computer. Deleted data or miss file easily recover with help of computer maintenance experts.

I am agree with you. You are easily recover deleted data or miss file with help of inbuilt tool or some free tool but many cases, normal PCs user lost that data as well as corrupt some other file so without backup do not take any risk after rewriting, data recovery very hard & tedious work.

It's important to know details about data recovery and your article makes many important points clear. Greetings!