Restoring permanently deleted data from hard disk is possible – A Myth or Reality

Living in an Internet era, one of the major concerns that any person can have these days is regarding the security of data stored in computer system. With the rapid increase in the use of computers at workplaces and at homes, data security has become and always going to be a crucial factor. In fact, as the importance of having hard copies of documents is fading and the society is gradually moving towards the “Paperless Office” it has become essential that we start applying diverse means to safeguard our valuable data. Many of us consider taking backup of crucial data and deleting data permanently from system could be the best practice we could follow. But, performing any such act can’t be considered as ideal solution. What to do if you lose the backup copy or backup gets corrupt?
Moreover, in general many of us also have got the tendency of creating new files or copy files from different sources. In this entire process of creating or copying files from various sources, very often you too delete those files that you initially presume of no importance. You delete it at any point of time. The deleted files could be very well stored in the recycle bin. And, if you delete files from the recycle bin, then probably you lose those files forever. Apart from that there are scenarios where files get corrupt due to various reasons.
You may have formatted the hard drive accidentally instead of formatting expected drive.

Well, “it is impossible to recover the deleted or corrupt files”, is the general perception that we all carry. But if we talk in context of present scenario then it is possible to retrieve permanently deleted files.

Any simple operation of deleting any file from your computer doesn’t destroy its content immediately. Actually, Windows just marks the hard drive space as being available for use by changing one character in the file table so that the file entry won't be displayed in My Computer.

Deleting a folder never wipes out the information permanently. In fact, just the folder is marked as deleted and particular stored location is flagged as free to store new data, but the real data remains intact till the moment the deleted file gets overwritten along with new data.

Today you too could recover erased files on home computer very effectively with the help of data recovery application. Hard disk recovery software is soothed with all the versions of Windows operating system. Hard drive recovery software allows you to restore entire deleted or lost files from your formatted hard disk. The recovered data will be arranged on basis of name, date, size and file format.

A proper utilization of data recovery software allows you to restore deleted files, including documents, photos, folders, mp3 and zip files and all kind of damaged files. Such recovery software generally works on a very simple principal that data which is marked for deletion is not completely removed from its location. It is just and only the index entry of the file that gets omitted. The data recovery tool reads the complete area of the hard drive, for which there is no index entry in the file system. In a matter of a few minutes it extracts all the deleted files and finally permit user to opt and save all of them at location specified by the user.

Consequently, now it is very much possible to recover the permanently deleted files completely and it is no more a myth. For more information, you can follow this web path


Great way to recover data files from corrupted hard drive. RecoveryFix for windows data recovery software allows you to restore deleted files, including documents, photos, folders, mp3 and zip files and all kind of damaged files.

I have lost most important data from my corrupted hard drive. It contains much needed files I am looking for most effective recovery tool to restore corrupted hard drive. Is it possible to restore all data without missing a single file.?

Yes possible,

Many cases, restore all data without missing a single file not in all cases. Because everything depend on type of data corruption, hard disk condition and other factor like how many times old data, file size and much more.....